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The Latin Mass: The Journal of Catholic Culture and Tradition and Keep The Faith are proud to present the following conference for Catholics especially those committed to the timeless spiritual treasures of the traditional Mass.

Make America REALLY Great Again – We Must Pray and Work Hard to Restore All Things in Jesus Christ!

Of course the Catholic Church IS great in her essence, for she was founded by God Himself and her soul is the Holy Ghost. But in times of crisis, such as the one we are now experiencing, her human element can falter and her visible glory and attractiveness to souls can be dimmed. As Cardinal Ratzinger wrote regarding the crisis in the liturgy: " But when the community of faith, the world-wide unity of the Church and her history, and the mystery of the living Christ are no longer visible in the liturgy, where else, then, is the Church to become visible in her spiritual essence?”
As nationalism and patriotism seem to be reviving in the political realm, the speakers at the conference will ponder how the Church, by the grace of God working through His human agents, will also revive and recover the vitality and visible greatness that converts souls.

February 25-26, 2017
in Monterey, California at Monterey Tides, 2600 Sand Dunes Drive, Monterey, California

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Father Joseph Illo
Father Joseph Illo graduated with a B.A. in philosophy from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas (the Angelicum) in Rome. He studied at St. Joseph’s Seminary, New York and was ordained in 1991 for the Diocese of Stockton. He has been pastor of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Modesto, chaplain at Thomas Aquinas College and is currently pastor of Star of the Sea parish in San Francisco.

Father James Buckley, FSSP
Fr. Buckley is the longtime Spiritual Director for Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary, a professor of apologetics, Catholic and English literature, homiletics, and pedagogy; a retreat master, and an expert teaching on the Catholic Faith over the past 50 years.
      As a young man, Father felt drawn to the priesthood at an early age, and joined a minor seminary of the Salvatorians at the age of 13. After high school he continued on with his studies with the Salvatorians, being Ordained in 1965. Most of his priesthood was spent teaching and in parish assignments both in the United States and in Africa.
     Father always had a preference for the Traditional Latin Mass, but until the late 1980s did not have a reliable path to pursue his desire to resist all the myriad of changes that had occurred in the Church.  The Fraternity emerged to offer that path, and at the invitation of Fr. Michael Irwin, FSSP, he joined the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter in 1992.
      Since that time, Father has enjoyed the best of both worlds, continuing to teach, while being able to practice the traditional Catholic life as a member of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary staff.

Dr. Steve O'Brien
Steve O’Brien is a history professor and writes the popular Dr.O’s Blog, “Greetings From a Better Age!” (www.gfaba com). He also has a video series called “The Doctor and the Father” at Dr.O’s Channel on YouTube. He is a longtime brilliant writer for The Latin Mass magazine; he will bring a historic perspective to our conference.

Christopher A. Ferrara
Christopher A. Ferrara is President and Chief Counsel for the American Catholic Lawyers Association. He is a prolific writer for Catholic magazines and periodicals; he is active in the pro-life movement; his latest book is The Great Facade: The Regime of Novelty in the Catholic Church from Vatican II to the Francis Revolution (Second Edition).

February 25-26, 2017
in Monterey, California at Monterey Tides, 2600 Sand Dunes Drive, Monterey, California

REGISTER ONLINE (this link goes to the Keep the Faith website)

The offering per ticket is
Saturday - $68 per person and $130 per Married Couple
Sunday - $65 for person and $120 per Married Couple

The ticket includes a buffest lunch and continental breakfast each day.

ConferenceCDs will also be available following the conference for $40 per set of three (6) CDs (includes Shipping and Handling).

The offering for the Conference is below the cost that will be incurred by Keep the Faith for this event and for the honorariums for each of the speakers. However, it is the desire of Keep The Faith to host this event in a setting that will be both comfortable and attractive for those who attend.

Any offering beyond the amount asked for each ticket will help Keep The Faith cover the full expense of the event and will be most gratefully received.

If registering by mail, please mail your registration and payment to:
Keep The Faith
P.O. Box 277
Ramsey, NJ 07446

For further information: Call (201) 327-5900.

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