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The Latin Mass magazine has featured many important or revealing articles in issues published prior to the transfer of publication by Keep the Faith, Inc. We have presented them here for your reference. All Rights reserved.

The Latin Mass magazine is one of the fastest growing Catholic periodicals in the country

The Emasculation of the Priesthood.
by Father James McLucas - Spring 1998

The Semi-Traditionalists
by Thomas E. Woods Jr., Fall 1999

The Collapse-and Rebirth-of Sacred Music
An Interview with Richard Morris, Spring 1999

Deconstructing the Mass
by Robert Phillips, Winter 1999

Recollections of a Vatican II Peritus
by Alfons Cardinal Stickler, Winter 1999

The Attractiveness of the Tridentine Mass
by Alfons Cardinal Stickler, Summer 1995

A Priest´s First Tridentine Mass
by Rev. Stephen Shield, Fall 1996

Wave of the Future: A Response to Abp. Weakland
by Michael Davies, Fall 1997

What Does 'Rite' Mean in the Context of Christian Liturgy
by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

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